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The CONSELLO GALEGO DOS ATTORNEYS, has wanted to take advantage of the avant-garde support offered by the internet, the most determined commitment to technology, to show them our CONSELLO. With this, it is intended to make available to all users, Galician Attorneys and citizens, information related to this CONSELLO, highlighting, among others, the reference to its activities, territory, history, court directories, judicial parties and Attorneys, functions of our profession, requirements for access, duty shift service, free legal assistance. Likewise, work tools and different services and information are available to members, a system of links to access all information related to our legal system and professional field, waiting to receive through our email the proposals or suggestions that are consider necessary.

This page constitutes an efficient and agile means of making available to everyone, whether legal or not, information that may be useful, at a stage like the current one in which communication prevails and its rapid achievement is highly valued.

If the information we provide fulfills its purpose, all of us who are part of this now secular Corporation will be satisfied with having contributed to achieving one of the objectives of the social function that we are responsible for developing.











Mr. Jesús Martinez Melón.
President of the Consello Galego dos Procuradores.  

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